Arriving to Constance Halaveli Maldives…

Whilst your seaplane starts reaching the final destination, your eyes will set on a beautifully shaped lush vegetation island looking somewhat as a gigantic jelly fish lazily floating in large turquoise lagoon. The form comes due to what is known to be the longest water villa jetty in Maldives – 850 meters of unusual curvy and flowy wooden structure designed by Japanese architect Colin Okimoto, who wanted to move away from the usual forms. Once you are there, you will find this jetty as beautiful for morning walks into the blue or evening strolls with its discreet lighting.

Constance Halaveli Maldives is what Maldives connoisseurs would call a perfect sized Maldivian island – 500 meters, not too big and not too small, just enough for that 20 minutes around-the-island walk which Maldives are famous for. Moreover, island is blessed by nature by 360 degrees white soft beach, which you may enjoy on your barefoot grounding walks at any time of the day.

360 degree beach is not the only one 360 degree experience that Halaveli may offer – it has overall everything that you as a luxury traveler in need of good rejuvenation is looking for – great size, beautiful beach, 86 generously sized private elegant villas, a culinary and vine culture in Constance DNA, Spa loved by many and a human touch we all long for – high class Leading Hotels of the World style service mixed with Constance warmth and passion.

Constance Halaveli Beach and Hammock

Constance Halaveli Maldives – private plunge pools and over water fine dining

The furnishing of the 86 villas (56 over water and rest on the beach) are of understated yet well present elegance, with high dhoani shaped ceilings, set in subtle red or blue colors -depending if you chose to reside over water or on the land. If luxury is space and privacy as per many in these modern life we live, luxury is what you will get at Constance Halaveli Maldives. Beach villas – single, family or 2 bedrooms double story are each surrounded with 200 square meters private garden, and unique 100 square meters open air bathroom – a tropical garden with sky view where light shadows play at night and enable you to feel close to the nature.  All villas, beach or water, feature private plunge pools; not just the regular amenities but as well as an Apple mini entertainment system; a wine cellar, handy when you wish to enjoy and good glass whilst gazing over the beautifully blue lagoon.

Constance has food and vine in company DNA so much so that they have annual Michelin level culinary competition happening as yearly event. Resort offers 4 restaurants – theme nights in Jahaz, feet-in-the sand and under-the-sky high style Meeru grill experience, over water fine dining in elegant Jing and light sushi and sashimi lunch at Kaika bar (open for lunch only). For vine lovers variety will be too large to explore even during longer stay – 2 vine cellars, approximately 1000 vine titles and 17000-20000 bottles is what makes one of the best vine menus in Maldives. Jahaz bar is located on beach with great view and open all day long whilst over water Jing bar opens at night – great spot for quite elegant drink with potential sharks passing by.

Constance Halaveli Maldives and the art of sweet doing nothing

Whilst many rightfully so believe that Maldives is the best place where one surrender to the art of sweet doing nothing without feeling guilty, for those who do wish to do something they may find activities to fill the day. TGI dive center runs very personalized service to great dive spots, but also Water Sports and excursions including those to manta and whale shark spots.

As we all are in search of our mind, body and soul balance, U Spa offers you possibility of all – fitness and tennis academy for your body wellness. Selection of massages and renown  Valmot treatments for the body and mind in over lagoon Spa. Lastly, great guided yoga, meditation and reiki for your soul.

constance halaveli maldives

With choice of Family beach villas with cute blue and white attached kids’ room and Double story villas, Halaveli is very friendly to you if you have a family to bring along. Constance Kids Club is open throughout the day for kids from 4 to 12, where you may register your little ones and leave them in the hands of a welcoming and smiling team. They will have fun between arts and crafts, water sports, pool fun and many other games, whilst you will have your fun lying on the beach, diving or Spa-ing.

360 degree beach and 360 of understated luxury, natural beauty and great service. A place to put on your to-go list.

Constance Halaveli sandy beach
Constance Halaveli Maldives