Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in the Maldives

The Culinary Journey from Sushi to Sashimi

The Maldives, renowned for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, is also home to several world-class Japanese restaurants. Here we explore some of the best Japanese culinary destinations in this tropical paradise that offer a blend of traditional flavours and modern twists. Ready to book a Maldives resort but not sure which one to choose? This quick guide of best Japanese restaurants in the Maldives can help if you are a sushi and sashimi lover.

Written by: Marvin Mohamed

The Culinary Journey from Sushi to Sashimi


Prepare to be captivated by the Maldives’ premier izakaya-style Japanese restaurant. ZUMA, founded in London in 2002 and now present in 20 locations worldwide, is a globally acclaimed contemporary Japanese restaurant. The restaurant located over water is divided into three distinctive kitchens, featuring the main kitchen, the sushi counter and the robata grill. The diverse menu at ZUMA Maldives has delectable offerings like thinly sliced seabass with a tantalizing blend of yuzu, truffle oil and salmon roe, the delightful jumbo tiger prawn complemented by yuzu pepper and the miso marinated black cod wrapped in hoba leaves. The vibe of ZUMA is truly unique: dine with low tempo electronic beats as your background of the most vibrant date night. 


At T-PAN Indulge in modern kaiseki style cuisine by the beach. Your journey to the restaurant unfolds in a secluded pathway hidden in the lush jungle illuminated by lanterns, reminiscent of Kyoto’s charming narrow streets. Inspired by the ghost crab and the beach ecosystem, the restaurant is designed with minimalistic charm and rooted in the Wabi Sabi philosophy, which celebrates the beauty of imperfection. T-PAN’S menu features signature dishes such as Shio Abalone, Miyazaki Kurobuta Loin, Hokkaido Snow Beef. It offers a variety of dining options, each consisting of a delightful 6-course meal, and for those seeking a more adventurous culinary journey, the Omakase option is an opportunity not to be missed. 


Set overwater, SAOKE brings to life the culinary expertise of award-winning Chef Hidemasa Yamamoto and Takagi Kazuo, offering a twist of Peruvian influences in its Japanese cuisine. The restaurant exclusively open for dinner, is an architectural marvel designed by the renowned Noriyoshi Muramatsu, inspired by a Japanese floating garden on the sea. SAOKE presents a variety of sought after dishes including the Yellowtail Hamachi, the Wagyu beef truffle teriyaki, and the grilled octopus.


ORIGAMI invites you to explore the flavours of modern Japanese cuisine through an array of handcrafted sushi, sashimi, grilled robatayaki skewers and teppanyaki delights. The restaurant open exclusively for dinner offers a modern ambiance with soft lanterns and dark wood furnishings, creating a private and intimate dining setting. ORIGAMI’S menu features must try dishes such as the Tsubu-Miso Gake Hinadadori no oven yaki - a barley miso marinated baby chicken in homemade teriyaki sauce and the Gyuhire Sumibiyaki Karami Zuke - a spicy beef tenderloin that tantalizes your tastebuds. 


KOEN brings together the harmonious flavours of Nordic and modern Japanese cuisines to offer a unique dining experience. The restaurants interior is thoughtfully designed, boasting light coloured wood finishes that create a spacious, well-lit ambiance, in line with a clean and minimalistic style. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore KOEN’S tasting menu, taking you on a culinary voyage from the sea to the land. The menu features an array of delicacies, including plum sake, scallops, mushroom dishes, wahoo, lobster, duck tuna and wagyu. 

Each of these restaurants provides a distinctive setting, impeccable flavours, and a culinary journey that will leave a mark on your senses. Still not sure which one to book? Ask your Maldives Travel Counsellor to design a split stay between two islands that entice you the most!

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