Six Senses Laamu: Out-of-the-Ordinary journey [VIDEO-REVIEW]

An Out-of-the-Ordinary journey for all your senses

Out-of-the-Ordinary Maldives

The Out-of-the-Ordinary journey starts in one of the calmest and the quietest airports in the world: Kadhdhoo, reachable by a 35-minutes domestic flight from Male International Airport. And yes, you can feel the exclusivity of this remote location as Six Senses Laamu is the only resort built in the pristine waters of Laamu Atoll.

Written by: Patrycja Zbierska

Meet the Extraordinary Guests of Laamu

The private speedboat takes only 15-minutes but if you are lucky enough, you may even see some dolphins cavorting along the way. Here, only 5 degrees below the equator, we are not the only ones enjoying the unbelievable nature of Laamu. Under the surface, the abundant marine life is taken care of with the same devotion and respect as the guests staying in the breath-taking villas of Six Senses Laamu.

Journey for all your Senses

Six Senses Laamu is sustainability and wellness, embedded to all your senses:

1. Sight – Six Senses Hotels and Resorts are known for being located in the world’s most unique and beautiful settings and Six Senses Laamu is not an exception here. The bluest waters, the lush vegetation and plenty to see around (don’t miss the back-of-house tour with Sustainability Manager, such an educational experience!)

2. Smell – the smell of lush tropical foliage constantly fills the air at Laamu. Just close your eyes and breathe deeply, you can feel how special the surroundings are by just smelling around! Then let the tip of your nose take you to the aromatic journey to the very centre of the island: this is where the famous Six Senses Spa is located, with plenty of organic aromatic oils and treatments to pamper all your senses.

3. Taste– Six Senses Laamu has the largest over-water facility in the Maldives, and without any doubt, is the tastiest one! A variety of options is offered there, from Asian and Maldivian flavours to international cuisines. Additionally, more than 40 homemade ice creams and sorbets are offered there all day long with compliments. And for the most discerning taste buds, the Leaf is serving healthy dishes straight from the organic garden laying just below this extraordinary restaurant, one of our TOP 5 in the Maldives!

And while the guests are trying the amazing creations of resident chefs, Hawksbill and Green turtles are delighted with the well-maintained sea grass that acts not only as a continuous supply of oxygen and a protection of the corals but also as an important source of food for endangered species of turtles. No wonder you can find hundreds of them in the surrounding waters of Six Senses Laamu.

4. Hearing– Enjoy the privacy of your water villa and listen to the endless ocean or to the chirping birds on your very own piece of beach. And if you want to hear something more than just sounds of nature, head back to the over-water facility where you can enjoy live band performances, piano musicians or DJs, depending on the nightly entertainment schedule.

5. Touch
– Most of the fun in Six Senses Laamu involves touch. Just a quick look into The Den, the Kids Club on the island and their Expression Zone is enough to see how deeply the creativity of your children is explored here. Most of the craft is made using recycled material and kids can also collect chicken eggs from the local farm, plant lemongrass, make oat cakes and tropical salads and play bowling with coconuts! Let the party begin!

6. Movement – The island may overwhelm you by its beauty and considerably big size (18 hectares!) for a Maldivian resort. Your GEM, the Guest Experience Maker assigned for you from the moment you reach the welcome jetty, will explain to you how to move around and on the island. Hop on the buggy, jog around the white sands, surf the iconic waves of Ying & Yang, defy the gravity with the latest fitness trend Aerial Yoga or snorkel straight from your villa to the over-water facility for breakfast.

Our Out-of-the-Ordinary journey has come to an end and we have it clear: Maldives is no longer this once in the lifetime destination, there is simply too much to offer and experience. Six Senses Laamu is a celebration of abundance. The unique environment and culture shared with guests are not meant to be experienced just once. That’s why, the widely understood sustainability ensures that future generations can enjoy Six Senses for years to come. With all their senses.

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