Vakkaru Maldives: A Timeless Sanctuary for Families [VIDEO-REVIEW]

A Timeless Sanctuary for Families

Review of VAKKARU MALDIVES by The Maldives Travel Counsellor

First thing that comes to our mind stepping into this beautiful island of Vakkaru Maldives is:
“How is it possible that a brand-new resort has so many grown-up trees?”

The vegetation is literally overwhelming at Vakkaru Maldives. Opened in December 2017, Vakkaru has already received the “New Comer of the Year” award. For us it is one of the best integration of the natural beauty of an island with the design of a resort.

We hop on our buggy and drive through more than 1,400 untouched mature palm trees just like when the island was a coconut plantation. No wonder the owners selected this unspoiled island of Baa Atoll to create one of the most luxurious recent openings in the Maldives. The location: the famous UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the vegetation: beautifully integrated with the elegant and fashionable design of the resort are two huge plus points of Vakkaru Maldives.


More than half of the island is designed to receive big families. Between the 125 beach and over water villas and suites, there are plenty of two bedroom and interconnecting villas.
This time we hop on our classy bikes as Vakkaru provides them with compliments for adults and children. We roam around the island and get lost a couple of times: The Organic Farm, 4 amazingly designed restaurants, an overwater bar, Vakkaru Reserve with limited edition wines…


This is why Vakkaru Maldives is extremely popular also among honeymooners. The island is as family-friendly as romantic and so spacious and well-organized that you really don’t seem to meet anyone if you don’t want to.

The kids, you just don’t see them. And there are plenty of reasons why. 10 to be exact. Here they are:

  1. Parrotfish Club – named after the Parrotfish responsible for the powder soft, brilliant white sands of the island. The kids are completely immersed in tailored activities every day.

  2. Splash – accredited PADI dive instructors organize dive courses for the bubble makers.

  3. Dolphin Cruise – one of the many adventurous activities of Vakkaru that kids just adore!

  4. Expeditions with a Marine Biologist – you would be surprised how much they want to learn, even on vacation! In-house marine biologist explains the wonders of the marine-life in such an interesting and interactive way.

  5. Coconut Club – where older children spend their day. Table tennis and foosball tables, board games and reading area.

  6. Over Water Gymnasium – if your teen is posting selfies from the gym, just wait for this one, Vakkaru’s Over Water Gymnasium is absolutely picture perfect.

  7. Sportsfields – two all-weather floodlit tennis courts await for the most active young travellers.

  8. Nail Salon and other serene experiences in the overwater Merana Spa – this is the best place for some mother-daughter time.

  9. Isoletta – the contemporary Italian restaurant in Vakkaru, especially loved by the little ones. Who doesn’t adore crispy pizzas?

  10. Family villas – the spacious family villas are often the favourite place for children and teenagers. Relaxation nets in the Over Water Family Villas, a big private pool in the Beach Family Pool Villas, iPad and excellent sound system easily connected to their smartphones. Sometimes, they just don’t want to leave from their villas.


It is easy to disconnect in the spacious family villas and reconnect. You can almost feel how the older one opens the sliding door in the morning to welcome another day in paradise and say hello to the parents who are peacefully sleeping in the master bedroom. You can almost hear the footsteps and imagine the little one running around in the adorable children’s size bathrobe. Finally, you can almost see them all enjoying the in-villa breakfast. Why should you go out if everything and everyone you love can comfortably fit in to one extremely spacious villa?

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