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  • Little things matter in life, just like hotel reviews you read before your vacation become part of your holiday. Here at ‘Island Stories’, we let you visualize your dream to the Maldives by reading stories about your favourite resorts.

TOP 10 Luxury Family Friendly Resorts in the Maldives

Even though Maldives is well known as a couple destination and famous for its private villas for honeymoon, it is quickly evolving to become one of the best destinations for families. Every year more and more parents ask themselves which are the best family friendly resorts in the Maldives, which are the best Kids Clubs in Maldives Resorts and what kind of activities for children in the Maldives you can expect…


Faarufushi Maldives: an Island Made for Two [VIDEO-REVIEW]

If an island could only speak, Faarufushi would talk quietly and seductively. With appealing words, Faarufushi would describe how gently the waves kiss her shoreline and how picture-perfect her favourite locations are.

At Adore Maldives, we have recently visited the island and absolutely ADORE it! Faarufushi is definitely a lady among other luxury resorts in the Maldives: small coral island, a big time beauty. Boutique, luxurious, sleek, minimalistic and indulgently understated, there is so much to ADORE! Check it for yourself…


The First Guests on The Nautilus Maldives escape the Bound of Time

The Nautilus Maldives was designed with a key aspect of luxury in mind, Time… This is an island that truly believes luxury should be experienced at your own pace in any way you choose to be. If you are someone who appreciates beauty on a deep level, a profound romantic and knows no limit, The Nautilus Maldives is the world of your own creation.

And with the first guests arriving to The Nautilus, the words of FREEDOM and TIME resound by the luxurious pool bar and in the comfort of the spacious Houses and Residences.
So how does The Nautilus create the freedoms you once longed for?


Six Senses Laamu: Out-of-the-Ordinary journey [VIDEO-REVIEW]

The Out-of-the-Ordinary journey starts in one of the calmest and the quietest airports in the world: Kadhdhoo, reachable by a 35-minutes domestic flight from Male International Airport. And yes, you can feel the exclusivity of this remote location as Six Senses Laamu is the only resort built in the pristine waters of Laamu Atoll.

Six Senses Laamu is sustainability and wellness, embedded to all your senses…


TOP 5 Best Maldives Resorts for Snorkeling

I still struggle to decide either Maldives biggest beauty is on the surface or under the water. Perhaps it’s a combination of both that attracts snorkelers worldwide. Professional ones, who explore the deepest parts of the reef edge just by holding their breath and absolute beginners or even non-swimmers, who float happily with the help of life jackets.

To create Adore Maldives’ TOP 5 Best Maldives Resorts for Snorkelling we have looked into Maldives Luxury Resorts that we have inspected and recommended personally to our discerning travellers.


Dhigali Maldives: It’s more Real in Raa Atoll [VIDEO-REVIEW]

‘Untouched’, ‘Unexplored’ and ‘Remote’ are 3 words to describe Raa Atoll. And Dhigali Maldives is the address you can not miss there. It’s “Better in Baa” has always been the claim of the only UNESCO Biosphere in the Maldives: the famous Baa Atoll with high biodiversity of marine life and many great luxury resorts. Have you been there already? Or maybe like us, you simply adore to explore more and more? Travel then a little bit further (Raa Atoll is north to Baa and Male Atolls and it takes approximately 45 minutes of scenic seaplane flight) and discover why it’s more Real in Raa.


TOP 5 Best Restaurants in the Maldives

One of the peculiarities about your Maldives Holidays is that all your dining options are within a short, relaxed and barefoot beach stroll. Yes! Forget about checking Trip Advisor’s reviews for the best restaurants and bars. Someone has already done this job for you. In the Maldives we have the beautiful rule of “one island – one resort” which also means that every resort is doing wonders to offer the best dining options to its guests. Dear Foodies, listen up! We have listed for you the best restaurants in the Maldives. So spectacular that only dining there once justifies the choice of resort for your next holiday in the Maldives…


Baros Maldives: A Classic Tale of Romance [VIDEO-REVIEW]

Baros Maldives is one of the first luxury resorts in the Maldives since 1973. It is a well-known masterpiece of understated luxury, romance and timeless beauty. Baros is a destination where couples can find the time they have been seeking for. This classic resort is a legend and is the very definition of the essence of the Maldives.


New Year in the Maldives: Let the New Year begin in style!

Celebrate the most magical night of the year in one of the Luxury Resorts in the Maldives and indulge into an around-the-world gourmet journey with no comparison. Sumptuous feasts in sensational surroundings, the finest delectable dishes and amazing live-cooking stations. Add some sparkle to the celebrations and spend the whitest, the sandiest and the brightest New Year in the Maldives…


Gili Lankanfushi: TOP 10 Activities in the Maldives [VIDEO-REVIEW]

Gili Lankanfushi is one of the most magical islands in the Maldives. Straight from your arrival you feel like you are a part of a fairytale… or maybe a character in a book or a movie. Your butler named after Robinson Crusoe’s assistant, Mr. Friday welcomes you at the airport. Your shoes disappear by the moment your feet touch the sandy shores of Gili Lankanfushi. You hear someone whispering “No News No Shoes” with the smile that makes you believe the only news you are going to receive are the ‘Good News’…


Vakkaru Maldives: A Timeless Sanctuary for Families [VIDEO-REVIEW]

First thing that comes to our mind stepping into this beautiful island of Vakkaru Maldives is: “How is it possible that a brand-new resort has so many grown-up trees?” The vegetation is literally overwhelming at Vakkaru Maldives. Opened in December 2017, Vakkaru has already received the justified “New Comer of the Year” award. For us it is one of the best integration of the natural beauty of an island with the design of a resort.


The Nautilus: The Hottest Opening of 2019 – New Resorts in the Maldives [VIDEO]

The concept seems simple, but the inspiration behind The Nautilus is a legend. The Nautilus is a bohemian hideaway with no schedules, dress-codes or barriers and is promised to become one of the leading luxury resorts in the world. First luxury travellers are expected to arrive on 15th of January and will enjoy the generous compliments of the island such as all-day breakfast, daily cocktails, a selection of soft drinks of their choice in the personalised mini-bar, premium teas and coffees and deli dining by the pool…


TOP 5 Summer Couple Goals [VIDEO]

Every relationship has its milestones, those precious moments that you will always treasure. At Adore Maldives we have listed 5 of them, just perfect for this summer! Click to view this TOP 5 Summer Couple Goals and where can you complete them…


Huvafen Fushi: The Iconic Adults only Resort in the Maldives [VIDEO-REVIEW]

Huvafen Fushi is one of those pioneer resorts where you respire the true feeling of the Maldives. It is home to the first underwater SPA, for many years being the only place in the whole Maldives where you could indulge yourself with the sublime and unique experiences between the playful fishes and amazing coral gardens. Today, the icon has been recreated. Huvafen Fushi is the new adults only resort in the Maldives.


Shangri La Villingili: Discover the Last Paradise

When travelling to the Maldives you expect to spend your days on one of the small coral islands, surrounded by the turquoise lagoon, with the white sandy beaches and the dreamy views. At Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives you may expect the same from a different angle, located at the southern hemisphere…


Constance Halaveli Maldives: Understated 360 Degree of Luxury

Whilst your seaplane starts reaching the final destination, your eyes will set on a beautifully shaped lush vegetation island looking somewhat as a gigantic jelly fish lazily floating in large turquoise lagoon. The form comes due to what is known to be the longest water villa jetty in Maldives – 850 meters of unusual curvy and flowy wooden structure designed by Japanese architect Colin Okimoto, who wanted to move away from the usual forms. Once you are there, you will find this jetty as beautiful for morning walks into the blue or evening strolls with its discreet lighting.


What makes COMO Cocoa Island so Special

More than 1200 reviews on TripAdvisor claiming ‘Excellent!’, praising COMO Cocoa Island for romantic sunset cruises, spacious bathrooms and luxury villas. ‘Heaven on Earth!’, ‘Idylic dream honeymoon experience’, ‘Paradise for Honeymoon’… So, what exactly makes COMO Cocoa Island so Special?

Cocoa Island by COMO stands out with a sense of privacy boasting a serene beach and a turquoise lagoon that will leave you speechless. 33 Overwater Villas inspired by Maldivian Dhonis brings you a rustic and modern décor of soothing whites and wooden hues…