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Every Island has its own tale

The Maldives Travel Counsellor is what defines Adore Maldives, from expertly advices on the Maldives and the best offers from each resort. Shanoon and his team deliver the best service expected when booking a luxury holiday in the Maldives. See what they say about each individual island, ask for recommendations.

Shanoon Khalid
Founder & CEO of Adore Maldives Pvt. Ltd.
The Maldives Travel Counsellor

I wanted to create a brand for discerning travellers to tailor their Maldives experience by understanding ‘every detail’ of their request.
Shanoon Khalid - Founder of Adore Maldives

Today the Maldives is a luxury destination with more than 100 resorts, each of them with an individual story.  Choosing to book your stay can take up to hours of research and looking for the best deal or offer can be tiring.

‘Each resort has something different and unique. What suits you best is an interesting question. From the design and brand of a resort to the stunning beauty of the house reef or the location and size of the villas and most importantly, the value-added services it combines are few reasons some of our luxury travellers chose a specific island.’

Living and operating from the islands of the Maldives, Shanoon and his team visited all the resorts featured here. Each island has been handpicked based on personal experience and what sets them apart.

On 4th April 2018, one of the biggest media companies of the Maldives, The Maldives Promotion House published an article about Adore Maldives & the fresh concept of The Maldives Travel Counsellor

Patrycja Zbierska
Co-Founder & Director of Adore Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

The Maldives has acquired a higher dimension in luxury. Today, the destination needs a travel counsellor on the islands to share first-hand knowledge of the resorts with the travellers.
Patrycja Zbierska - Co-Founder and Director of Adore Maldives

As a passionate marketing and communication expert, Patrycja is specialized in bespoke travels and luxury resorts.  After visiting and inspecting many high-end hotels around Asia, the Maldives Islands stole her heart.

‘Your view is the endless blue ocean and you are surrounded by everything you need and adore. Your wine is from Bordeaux, France; your cheese is from the Swiss mountain-side. The Barefoot exclusivity of the Maldives is unmatched.’

Story telling straight from the Maldives either by pictures, videos or words has become her passion. Travelled to more than 30 countries around the world and speaking 4 languages; Spanish, Polish, Italian and English, Patrycja finds the insider knowledge of the resorts is key to offer the holiday of a lifetime.

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