Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Visitors to the Maldives

What is Maldives?

Maldives is a luxury holiday island destination comprising of more than 1190 islands in the Indian Ocean. Each year, more than 1 million tourists visit the resorts, islands and cruise boats on the island destination for pure relaxation. It is located across Equator, having an average temperature of 28.2 Degree Celsius generally. Maldives is a member the United Nation. It’s a democracy with a population width of about 380,000 people.

Do I need a Visa to enter Maldives?

Maldives is one of the easiest destination to enter. All you need is a valid passport and a hotel confirmation. All tourists are granted a 30 day free visa on arrival. If a passport expiry date falls within 30 days of arrival, tourists cannot extend their stay beyond the passport expiry date. Working / Employment under tourist visa is prohibited.  elit.

How do I arrive to Maldives and what is the Airport like?

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA or MLE) is a long-strip island next to Male City, the Capital. This Airport could be considered the safest Airport in the whole world. The reason behind this is that, there is only one run way, and no residents live on the Airport Island. Major airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Turkish, Sri Lankan, Singapore Airlines and many other European airlines frequently fly to the Maldives.

Capital City of Maldives?

The Capital of the Maldives ’Malé City pronounced ‘Maa-ley’ Malé would also be counted as one of the smallest capitals in the world in terms of its physical size. One third of the country’s population, of about 75,000 people lives in Malé.

The currency used to the Maldives?

The Maldivian currency notes are well-known for its illustrative messages of the country, history and heritage. One could feel the notes are a beautiful souvenir to take home. The Maldivian currency is called ‘Ruffiya’ (MRf). One United States Dollar is equivalent to 15.42 MRf (Maldives Monetary Authority buying rate) and this value doesn’t vary much.

Can I arrive to the Maldives with liquor?

Alcoholic and pork products are not allowed to bring in with you to the Maldives. If you have brought liquor from the duty free shops on your way to the Maldives, then products will remain bonded with Maldives customs until your departure from the island nation. All tourist resorts in the Maldives offer extensive ranges of wines, liquor products and pork, therefore, you do not need to bring any of the above with you.

Is Maldives safe for the visitor?

Yes, Maldives is probably one of the safest places in the world. On your arrival to the Maldives, your host from the representative resort will receive you. Most of the time the Airport representatives holds the sign board of the respective resort they represent. Therefore, finding them outside the baggage clearance and exits is very easy. From there onward, you will be taken to the speedboat or to the domestic flight or seaplane terminal. Assistance throughout your visit is on hand.

Is the water safe for drinking?

Each resort has its own water desalination plant. Bottled water is readily available in all islands. Furthermore, the resorts have international brands such as Evian, Perrier, Voss etc.

What do you recommend someone to bring when visiting Maldives?

Although everything for a hassle free stay is readily available in the resorts, please do not forget an extra bottle of your favorite suntan lotion, hats, sunglasses, water socks (reef walkers) if desired.

Is English widely spoken and what other languages are spoken?

English is widely spoken by everyone in the country and especially on tourist resorts, hotels, restaurants and on the public transport. Many tourist resorts have guides and personnel onboard from Italy, France, Germany, Japan, China and Russia etc.

What kind of credit cards or currency should I carry with me?

All major credit cards such as America Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, JCB and Euro Card are acceptable on the resort islands, the capital city. In addition to this, all major currencies from USD, GBP, EUR etc. is accepted by many places.

Are there hospitals and medical facilities?

Maldives has excellent medical and dental services, pharmacies, a large government hospital and many private clinics in the capital city, most of the resorts have resident doctors or nurses and has basic medical facilities available.

Time difference of the Maldives?

The Maldives is 5 hours ahead of the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

What is the usual climate?

Sub-tropical, with two monsoons, hot, humid and dry in northeast monsoon (November to March) and tropical rain showers in southwest monsoon (June to August) Average temperature around 29 – 32 degrees Celsius. We recommend you to download the ultimate Maldives weather application ‘NAKAIY NEVI’ to your smart phone.